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ASPxWebDocumentViewer Constructors

A control that is used to publish (preview, print and export) documents in ASP.NET applications and supports HTML5/JS technology.

Name Parameters Description
ASPxWebDocumentViewer() none

Initializes a new instance of the ASPxWebDocumentViewer class with the default settings.

ASPxWebDocumentViewer(IServiceProvider) serviceProvider

For internal use.

ASPxWebDocumentViewer(IWebDocumentViewerModelGenerator, IJSContentGenerator<WebDocumentViewerModel>, IStoragesCleaner, IWebDocumentViewerReportResolver, ICachedReportSourceWebResolver, ILocalizerService) webDocumentViewerModelGenerator, jsContentGenerator, cleaner, reportResolver, cachedReportSourceResolver, localizerService

For internal use.

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