XRDesignPanel.GetCommandVisibility(ReportCommand) Method

Gets the visibility state of the specified report command in the Design Panel.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraReports.UserDesigner

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraReports.v19.2.Extensions.dll


public CommandVisibility GetCommandVisibility(
    ReportCommand command
Public Function GetCommandVisibility(
    command As ReportCommand
) As CommandVisibility


Name Type Description
command ReportCommand

A ReportCommand enumeration value, which specifies the command whose visibility is to be determined.


Type Description

A CommandVisibility enumeration value, which represents the visibility state of the report command.


In the End-User Designer, every report command is represented by a toolbar button, a menu item, a context menu item, or a context link. The values of the CommandVisibility enumeration represents the visibility states of a command. And, the GetCommandVisibility method allows you to determine the current visibility state of a report command.

To determine the availability of a report command, call the XRDesignPanel.GetCommandEnabled method.

To change the visibility of the specified report command, use the XRDesignPanel.SetCommandVisibility method.

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