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UserDesignerOptions Members

Provides customization settings to desktop version of the End-User Report Deisgner.


Name Description
UserDesignerOptions() Initializes a new instance of the UserDesignerOptions class with the default settings.


Name Description
ConvertBindingsToExpressions Specifies whether end-users are prompted to convert a legacy report to use expression bindings when opening it in the End-User Report Designer.
DataBindingMode Specifies the binding mode used to provide dynamic content to reports.
DefaultCrossTabControl Specifies the default control used to present cross-tab data (XRCrossTab or XRPivotGrid).
ReportLoadingRestrictionLevel Specifies whether end-users are allowed to load untrusted reports with potentially dangerous content in a desktop reporting application.
ShowUserFriendlyNames Specifies whether to use camel case for spelling property names in the Properties window of an End-User Report Designer.


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