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DxDocumentViewer Methods

A control that displays an interactive preview of a document generated from a report and allows the user to view, print, and export the report document in Blazor Server and standalone Blazor WebAssembly apps.
Name Description
CloseAsync() Inherited from DxDocumentViewerBase.
Equals(Object, Object) static Determines whether the specified object instances are considered equal. Inherited from Object.
Equals(Object) Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object. Inherited from Object.
GetHashCode() Serves as the default hash function. Inherited from Object.
GetType() Gets the Type of the current instance. Inherited from Object.
MemberwiseClone() protected Creates a shallow copy of the current Object. Inherited from Object.
OpenReport(String) Opens the specified report on the Web Document Viewer’s client side. Allows you to refresh a preview for the loaded report. Inherited from DxDocumentViewerBase.
ProcessClientSideRequestAsync(String, String)
ReferenceEquals(Object, Object) static Determines whether the specified Object instances are the same instance. Inherited from Object.
ResetParameters() Resets the report parameter values to the default values. Inherited from DxDocumentViewerBase.
SetParametersAsync(ParameterView) This method is intended for internal use. You do not need to call it directly from your code.
StartBuild() Starts building a report document. Inherited from DxDocumentViewerBase.
ToString() Returns a string that represents the current object. Inherited from Object.
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