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Report Viewer for Blazor (native)

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Blazor Report Viewer Overview

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Quick Start

Review the following guides to create a Blazor reporting application with the Report Viewer (Native):

Interface Elements

The following help topic describes the Report Viewer’s user interface elements: Interface Elements - Report Viewer for Blazor.

Open a Report

Use the DxReportViewer.Report property to specify a report to open. To load a report at runtime, assign an object with the IReport interface (an XtraReport or CachedReportSource instance) to the DxReportViewer.Report property.

The DxReportViewer.OpenReportAsync(IReport) method allows you to load a report asynchronously.

Review the following help topic for more information: How to Load a Report and Restore the Data Connection.


Click Print in the Toolbar to print the document.

Blazor Report Viewer Print Button

The Report Viewer renders the report in PDF and invokes the browser Print dialog.


Click Export To and select an export format from the list to download the report in the selected format.

Blazor Report Viewer Export Menu

Use the report’s ExportOptions property to specify the export options.

View Example: Report Viewer for Blazor - Customize Export


The DxReportViewer class allows you to manage the component in code and adjust the component settings and behavior.

View Example: Report Viewer for Blazor - Customization API


The DxBlazorReportViewerLocalizerLocalizationService class allows you to localize the Report Viewer UI at runtime.

For information on localization techniques for DevExpress Blazor components, refer to the following help topic: Localization.

Report Layout in Razor Markup

DevExpress Blazor Reporting enables you to use markup language to include the report layout in a Razor page and preview the report in the Report Viewer component. For more information, review the following help topic: Report Layout in Razor Markup.