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Migration to the New Version

  • 2 minutes to read

Before you update

We make an effort to minimize the effects of each new version on your projects. However, there are times when we need to change the API and make some members obsolete. These changes aim to improve the quality of our products. Refer to the deprecated API and the list of breaking changes for each release.

Deprecated Client-Side API

In v20.2, multiple deprecated API members were removed. Run the application before you perform an update, and inspect the browser console for information about the deprecated API in your code and suggested replacements. Refer to the following document for the complete list of API members: Reporting for Web - Client-side API - Deprecated API members have been removed.

Breaking Changes

Refer to the list of breaking changes on the following page (select the “Breaking Changes” check box) and modify your code as required: Version History.

In v20.2, you should pay attention to client-side variables that changed to functions. See the following Support Center article for details: Reporting for Web - Certain client-side variables have become functions.


Run the Project Converter tool to upgrade to a new version of DevExpress .NET components. Refer to the following topic for more information: Project Converter.


Review the following topic, which guides you through an ASP.NET Core Reporting application upgrade: Upgrade ASP.NET Core Reporting to a New Package Version.

JavaScript Frameworks

  1. Upgrade a backend application to a new version of DevExpress .NET components.
  2. Update npm packages:

    npm update devextreme devexpress-reporting @devexpress/analytics-core 
  3. Modify your client code to access the DevExpress modules. In v20.2 or later, the DevExpress script libraries support full-fledged modularity. See the following Support Center articles for more information: