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Localize Reports with Satellite Assemblies

In this method localized strings are stored as application resources, compiled in satellite assemblies and distributed with the project.


Review the Localize Reports topic for information about the localization method for reports in v20.1 or later.

The method uses Visual Studio Report Designer that derives from the Windows Forms Designer. It supports Windows Forms localization and uses satellite resource assemblies to localize report controls.

Perform the following steps to create localized resources:

  1. Open the Report Designer Options dialog and set the Report Localization Mode option to ReportLocalizationMode.UseSatelliteAssemblies:

  2. In the Properties window, set the report’s Localizable property to true.

  3. Select the report’s Language in the drop-down box next to the Localizable property in the Properties window.

  4. Change a control’s property. If the property can be localized, its new value is stored in a resource file.

When you build a project, localized resources are compiled into satellite assemblies.

You can deploy satellite assemblies with the application. The application loads localized resources based on the thread’s culture.

Review the Resources in .NET apps article for more information on localized resources in .NET.