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Choose a Data Source

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The default Report Designer implementation uses the Report Wizard (Fullscreen) version. To use the popup version instead, disable the ReportDesignerWizardSettings.UseFullscreenWizard option.

On this wizard page, you can select an available data source or create a new one to assign to the report.


Selecting an Existing Data Source

To use an existing data source, select the first option and choose the required item from the list.

  • If you invoke the Report Wizard by selecting the New via Wizard command in the Report Designer Menu, this list displays data sources defined as default data sources.
  • If you invoke the Report Wizard by selecting the Design in Report Wizard menu command, the list contains data sources defined for the Report Designer as default data sources, as well as data sources added to the report using the SQL Data Source Wizard.

    When the report and report designer have data sources with identical names, this page displays the report’s data source.

Click Next to proceed to the next wizard page: Choose Columns (Multi-Query Version).

Creating a New Data Source

To create a new data source, select the second option on this page.

In this case, you follow the steps in the SQL Data Source Wizard to add a new data source and then proceed to the Choose Columns (Multi-Query Version) page on completion.


Creating a new data source is only available if you provided the Web Report Designer with default data connections.