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Field List (Web)

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This document describes the Field List panel that enables a user to explore and manage report data sources and parameters. The user can drag fields from the field list and drop them onto the design surface to create bound report controls.

The Field List displays data sources available for the report. The displayed data sources belong to the report and get serialized with the report.


Manage Report Data Sources

The following actions allow the user to add, modify, and delete the report’s data sources:


Element Description
web-designer-field-list-add-data-source-button Invokes the Data Source Wizard that allows you to select a data source from the list of predefined data sources, or add a new data source. The Wizard assigns the selected or a newly created data source to the report. For more information on predefined data sources review the following help topics: Register Predefined Data Sources (ASP.NET Core), Register Predefined Data Sources (ASP.NET MVC).
web-designer-field-list-data-source-search Allows the user to enter text to filter queries and fields in the field list.
web-designer-field-list-data-source-rename Allows the user to rename the data source.
web-designer-field-list-data-source-rebuild Allows the user to rebuild the result schema.
web-designer-field-list-data-source-edit-relationships Invokes the Master-Detail Relation Editor.
web-designer-field-list-data-source-add-calculated-field Adds a new calculated field to the data source.
web-designer-field-list-data-source-add-query Invokes the Create a Query or Select a Stored Procedure wizard page.
web-designer-field-list-data-source-delete Removes the selected data source.

You can use the ReportDesignerDataSourceSettings to hide UI elements from the user:

Hides the Add Data Source button in the Field List and the Add Data Source menu command.
Hides UI elements that allow the user to edit the data source and queries in the Field List.
Hides the UI element that allows a user to remove the data source from the Web End-User Report Designer in the Field List.

Manage Queries

The following actions allow the user to add, modify, and delete queries:


Element Description
web-designer-field-list-data-source-edit-relationships Invokes the Create a Query or Select a Stored Procedure wizard page.
web-designer-field-list-data-source-add-calculated-field Adds a new calculated field to the query.
web-designer-field-list-data-source-delete Removes the selected query.

Create Bound Report Elements

The Field List allows you to create new bound report controls and bind existing controls to data.

Add a new data-bound report control

Drag the data field from the Field List to a report band in the design area. This action creates a reporting control bound to the selected field. The type of the created control depends on the data field type.


Add a new data-bound table

Select multiple data fields in the Field List. To do this, click them while holding down the Ctrl or Shift key. When you drag the fields and drop them onto the report design area, the Table control is created with cells bound to the selected data fields.


Bind an existing report control to a data field

Click the data field in the Field List, and drag and drop the field onto the control.


Manage Report Parameters

Expand the Parameters node to access the collection of report parameters:


The following actions are available for parameters:

Button Description
web-designer-report-wizard-button-query-add Invokes the Add Parameter dialog.
web-designer-field-list-data-source-delete Removes the selected parameter.
web-designer-field-list-data-source-edit-relationships Invokes the Edit Parameter dialog.

For more information on report parameters, review the following help topic: Use Report Parameters.