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Specify Summary Options (Obsolete)

Use this wizard page to specify totals for each data group and grand totals for the entire report. The specified totals will be displayed after corresponding groups and in the report footer.


This page displays all available numerical and date-time fields that aren’t used to group data. You can specify which functions should be calculated for these fields using the check box table.

There are instances when data fields contain empty values. If you don’t wish to take these values into account when calculating totals, select the Ignore null values check box. Otherwise, these values will be treated as zeros for numeric fields and the earliest system date for date-time fields.

You can stop the wizard at this step by clicking Finish. If you do so, your report will look similar to the image below.


If you want to customize the report further, click Next to proceed to the next wizard page: Choose a Report Layout.


This wizard page is no longer used in the default Report Wizard implementation. The following page is used instead: Specify Summary Options.