Report Wizard

The Report Wizard allows you to add a report using one of the following templates:

  • Empty Report

    Creates a new blank report that is not bound to a data source. Choose this option to design your report without using the wizard.

  • Data-bound Report

    Allows you to connect the created report to a data source and configure basic report layout settings (optional).

  • Template Report

    Enables you to create a new report based on available predefined templates.

  • Label Report

    Runs the Label Wizard enabling you to create labels, badges or price tags by selecting from hundreds of customizable layouts.

  • Inherited Report

    Creates a new report by inheriting its layout from another report.


Use one of the following ways to invoke the Report Wizard.

Use the Item Templates

To run the Report Wizard in Visual Studio, press CTRL+SHIFT+A or select PROJECT | Add New Item... in the main menu.


In the invoked Add New Item dialog, select the DevExpress v.18.1 Report Wizard item template.


Use the DevExpress Gallery

To run the Report Wizard in Visual Studio using the DevExpress Template Gallery, open the Solution Explorer (e.g., by pressing CTRL+ALT+N) and right-click the application item.

In the invoked popup menu, select Add DevExpress Item... | New Item...


In the invoked DevExpress Template Gallery, select Report Wizard, specify the new report name and click Add Item.