GridColumn.ColumnFilterMode Property

Gets or sets how column values are filtered via the auto-filter panel. This is a bindable property.

Namespace: DevExpress.Mobile.DataGrid

Assembly: DevExpress.Mobile.Grid.v18.2.dll


public ColumnFilterMode ColumnFilterMode { get; set; }
Public Property ColumnFilterMode As ColumnFilterMode

Property Value

Type Description

A ColumnFilterMode enumeration value that specifies how the column values are filtered.


The grid allows its data to be filtered by column values (edit values) or display text via the auto-filter panel. Filtering by edit values is suitable under most circumstances. Filtering by displayed values can be useful when the column's data is formatted in a specific manner.

If the ColumnFilterMode property is set to ColumnFilterMode.Value, an end-user should enter text without formatting characters into the auto-filter panel.

If this property is set to ColumnFilterMode.DisplayText, an end-user should enter text which matches the column's formatted values completely (if necessary, formatting characters should be inserted).


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