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ReportDesigner.UnregisterHotKey(Key, ModifierKeys) Method

Unregisters the specified hot key from the Report Designer.

Namespace: DevExpress.Xpf.Reports.UserDesigner

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.ReportDesigner.v20.2.dll


public void UnregisterHotKey(
    Key key,
    ModifierKeys modifiers


Name Type Description
key Key

A Key enumeration value that specifies the hot key to be unregistered.

modifiers ModifierKeys

A ModifierKeys enumeration value that specifies modifier keys that should be pressed in combination with the key.


The code snippet below demonstrates how to unregister hot keys that save the current report document and remove the selected report element.

using System.Windows.Input;
// ...

reportDesigner.UnregisterHotKey(Key.S, ModifierKeys.Control);
reportDesigner.UnregisterHotKey(Key.Delete, ModifierKeys.None);

To unregister all hot keys available in the Report Designer, use the ReportDesigner.UnregisterHotKeys method.

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