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DockLayoutManager.MDIMergeStyle Property

Gets or sets if and when the merge mechanism is invoked by the DockLayoutManager.

Namespace: DevExpress.Xpf.Docking

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Docking.v19.1.dll


public MDIMergeStyle MDIMergeStyle { get; set; }
Public Property MDIMergeStyle As MDIMergeStyle

Property Value

Type Description

An MDIMergeStyle enumerator value that specifies if and when the merge mechanism is invoked.


A DockLayoutManager supports merging Bars, RibbonControls and RibbonStatusBarControls of child panels with the main panel's Bars, RibbonControls and RibbonStatusBarControls. In regular MDI mode, by default, these controls are merged when a child MDI panel is maximized. In tabbed MDI mode, (when the host group's DocumentGroup.MDIStyle property is set to Tabbed), the merging is performed when a tab is activated. Selecting another tab unmerges the previous tab and merges the newly selected one.

The MDIMergeStyle property allows you to specify when the merging/unmerging mechanism is invoked. This property is applied to all child panels within the current DockLayoutManager. Use the DocumentPanel.MDIMergeStyle property to override this setting for individual panels.

It is also possible to prevent Bars, RibbonControls or RibbonStatusBars from being merged by setting the BarManager.MDIMergeStyle, RibbonControl.MDIMergeStyle or RibbonStatusBarControl.MDIMergeStyle property to MDIMergeStyle.Never.

The following code shows how to restrict merging for one specified panel and allow it for all the others:


<dxdo:DockLayoutManager x:Name="dockManager" MDIMergeStyle="Always">
        <dxdo:DocumentGroup Name="mdiContainer" MDIStyle="MDI">
            <dxdo:DocumentPanel Name="unmergedPanel"
                                Caption="This Panel Never Invokes The Merging Mechanism"
                                MDISize="500,300" />
            <dxdo:DocumentPanel Name="mergedPanel"
                                Caption="This Panel Is Merged When Maximized"
                                MDISize="500,300" />
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