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DocumentGroup Class

Represents child panels (DocumentPanel objects) using either a tabbed or MDI UI.

Namespace: DevExpress.Xpf.Docking

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Docking.v19.1.dll


public class DocumentGroup :
Public Class DocumentGroup
    Inherits TabbedGroup


DocumentGroup objects are used within the DockLayoutManager to create a tabbed or MDI interface for your documents. Individual pages in a DocumentGroup are represented by DocumentPanel objects.


To switch between the tabbed and MDI styles, use the DocumentGroup.MDIStyle property.

In MDI mode, it's possible to:


DocumentGroups cannot be used outside the DockLayoutManager component.

See Document Groups and Panels to learn more.

Example 1

This example shows how to create a DocumentGroup with two tabs, represented by DocumentPanel objects.

<dxdo:DocumentGroup x:Name="documentGroup1" ItemHeight="2*" SelectedTabIndex="1">
    <dxdo:DocumentPanel x:Name="document1" Caption="Document 1">
        <RichTextBox />
    <dxdo:DocumentPanel x:Name="document2" Caption="Document 2">
        <RichTextBox />

Example 2

In this example, MDI mode is enabled for a DocumentGroup via the MDIStyle property. In this mode, the DocumentGroup's panels are represented as floating windows.

The following image shows the result:


<dxdo:DocumentGroup x:Name="documentGroup1" ItemWidth="2*" MDIStyle="MDI">
    <dxdo:DocumentPanel x:Name="document1" Caption="Document 1" MDISize="200,100" >
    <dxdo:DocumentPanel x:Name="document2" Caption="Document 2" MDISize="200,100" MDILocation="50,120" >
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