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CaptionAlignMode Enum

Enumerates the options that specify how the controls and their captions are aligned within the layout items.

Namespace: DevExpress.Xpf.Docking

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Docking.v19.1.dll


public enum CaptionAlignMode
Public Enum CaptionAlignMode


Name Description

For nested layout items, this setting means that the alignment is controlled by the parent's CaptionAlignMode property. For a root group, this setting means that controls of child LayoutControlItems are auto-aligned across the root group, and nested groups that have the CaptionAlignMode property set to Default.


Controls displayed by means of LayoutControlItem objects are auto-aligned across a layout group and its nested groups that have the CaptionAlignMode property set to Default.


The auto-size feature is enabled. The captions of LayoutControlItems are automatically resized to the minimum width that allows to display text without wrapping.


Enables custom size mode, in which the size of a LayoutControlItem's caption must be specified manually via the BaseLayoutItem.CaptionWidth property

Related API Members

The following properties accept/return CaptionAlignMode values:


The CaptionAlignMode options can be accessed via the BaseLayoutItem.CaptionAlignMode property.

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