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DockLayoutManager.ClosedPanels Property

Provides access to closed panels.

Namespace: DevExpress.Xpf.Docking

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Docking.v19.1.dll


public ClosedPanelCollection ClosedPanels { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property ClosedPanels As ClosedPanelCollection

Property Value

Type Description

A ClosedPanelCollection object that contains closed panels


When an end-user clicks a panel's 'x' button, the panel is closed and automatically added to the ClosedPanels collection. To create a closed (hidden) panel in XAML, add it to the ClosedPanels collection. In code, a panel can be closed via the DockControllerBase.Close method provided by the DockLayoutManager.DockController object.

An end-user can restore a panel from the closed state via the Closed Panels bar, whose visibility is controlled by the DockLayoutManager.ClosedPanelsBarVisibility property. The bar displays buttons for every closed panel in the ClosedPanels collection. Clicking any button restores the corresponding panel to its previous position. You can set the bar's location via the DockLayoutManager.ClosedPanelsBarPosition property. To restore a panel in code, use the DockController.Restore method.

The BaseLayoutItem.AllowClose property and DockLayoutManager.DockItemClosing event allow you to prevent a panel from being closed. The BaseLayoutItem.AllowRestore property and DockLayoutManager.DockItemRestoring event can be used to prevent panels from being restored.


The following example shows how to create closed (hidden) panels.

To create closed panels, panel objects are added to the DockLayoutManager.ClosedPanels collection.

In the example, the built-in Closed Panels bar is visible (the DockLayoutManager.ClosedPanelsBarVisibility property is set to Auto). It allows closed panels to be restored on the fly.

<dxdo:DockLayoutManager Margin="12" Name="dockManager1" ClosedPanelsBarVisibility="Auto" dxcore:ThemeManager.ThemeName="Office2007Blue">
        <!--Create three closed (hidden) panels-->
        <dxdo:LayoutPanel x:Name="paneProperties" Caption="Properties">
            <RichTextBox />
        <dxdo:LayoutPanel x:Name="paneMessages" Caption="Messages">
            <RichTextBox />
        <dxdo:LayoutPanel x:Name="paneFindResults" Caption="Find Results">
            <RichTextBox />
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