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Data Grid

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The WPF Data Grid (GridControl) is a data-aware control designed to display and edit data in different layouts: tabular, treelike, and card. The GridControl allows users to manage large amounts of data (sort, group, filter, and so on).

Get Started

Bind to Data

To display data within the GridControl, bind it to a data source.


The GridControl uses Views to display data from a bound data source. You can use the following View types:

  • Table View - displays data in a two-dimensional table.
  • Card View - displays data as cards. Each card arranges fields vertically in a single column.
  • TreeList View - displays data in a tree. Each data record is represented as a tree node.

Views provide options that allow you to specify how to arrange records and fields.

Edit Data

The GridControl allows you to:

Sort Data

The GridControl allows you to Sort Data against one or multiple columns.

Filter and Search Data

The GridControl supports the following ways to filter and search data:

Group Data

The GridControl allows you to Group Data by one or multiple columns.

Display Summaries

The GridControl allows you to display Data Summaries for individual columns or groups of rows. The control ships with a number of built-in functions, such as Sum, Maximum Value, Record Count, and others. You can also implement a custom aggregation function.

Select Data

The GridControl allows you to select rows, cells, or their ranges.


The GridControl supports Master-Detail Data Representation. This type of data presentation allows you to visualize two or more data tables linked by one-to-many relationships.


The GridControl supports native drag-and-drop that allows users to:


Conditional Formatting

The GridControl supports Conditional Formatting. You can highlight critical information, identify trends and exceptions, and compare data.

Customize Appearance

The GridControl allows you to change the data layout, appearance, and visual presentation of elements (for example, cells, rows, summaries, etc.).

The GridControl allows you to print data and export it in various formats - PDF, RTF, XLS, etc.


Extended design-time support allow you to configure the GridControl.

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