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Filter Panel

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The Filter Panel is displayed at the bottom of the PivotGridControl. This panel shows an existing filter expression (active or inactive) with a set of buttons to enable/disable, edit, or clear the filter.

Filter Panel Elements

  • Enable/Disable Filter

    Use this check box to enable/disable the current filter at runtime.

    To do the same in code, use the PivotGridControl.IsFilterEnabled property.

  • Filter Expression

    Column filters are combined by the AND operator into a single filter expression applied to the PivotGridControl. Use the PivotGridControl.FilterString property to obtain a filter string. This string is a filter expression applied to the PivotGridControl.

  • Expand/Collapse Panel

    Click the Expand Panel button to completely display the filter expression if it does not fit the Filter Panel.

  • Most Recently Used Filters

    Invokes a drop-down list that displays the most recently used filters in the PivotGridControl.

  • Edit Filter

    Invokes the Filter Editor.

  • Clear Filter

    Clears the current filter.

A filter expression can consist of multiple conditions. To remove a condition, a user can click the x button in the top right corner of the condition:


API Description
PivotGridControl.ShowFilterPanelMode Specifies whether to display the filter panel within the PivotGridControl.
PivotGridControl.ShowFilterPanel Returns whether the Filter Panel is displayed within the PivotGridControl.

Legacy and New Filter Panels

To use the legacy Filter Panel: