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To display data in the Text Box item, you can upload a file in the RTF format or enable the Text Editor (CTP) and edit the item content in the Web Dashboard application.

Provide RTF File

Go to the Text Box’s Options menu and click the ellipsis button in the Text field. This invokes the Open dialog that allows you to locate the RTF file.



The loaded RTF file’s content in the Text Box can differ from the original RTF file’s layout because of RTF to HTML conversion limitations and browser specifics.

Text Box Editor

The Web Dashboard supports Rich Text Editor to edit the Text Box item’s content: add data fields, insert paragraphs, lists, tables, etc.


You need to enable the Rich Edit control functionality before use. Refer to Enable Text Editor Functionality for instructions.

When you enable the Text Editor functionality, you can use the Edit Text button to invoke the Text Editor. The button is available in two locations:

In the invoked Text Editor, use the corresponding buttons to add tables, links, lists, images, change font size, background color, etc.

Use the Insert Field command on the Insert tab to add data fields to the Text Box content:


You need to bind the Text Box item to data source fields before you can add data fields to the Text Box content.

After you change the document, click Save and Close in the editor to finish editing.