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Create an ASP.NET Core 2.0+ Dashboard Application using the .NET Core CLI Tools

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You can use the .NET Core command-line interface (CLI) tools to create a sample application with the ASP.NET Core 2.0+ Dashboard:

  1. Create and open a project folder:

    mkdir asp-net-core-dashboard-project
    cd asp-net-core-dashboard-project
  2. Install the .NET project templates from DevExpress:

    dotnet new -i DevExpress.DotNet.Web.ProjectTemplates

    After installation is completed you see a list of available templates.

  3. Go to, copy your DevExpress NuGet Feed URL. The API Key used in the URL is specific to your developer account. Each licensed developer should obtain their own Feed URL / API Key.

  4. Create the ASP.NET Core Dashboard template using the dx.dashboard short name and DevExpress NuGet Feed URL. The -nf (or –nuget-feed) option is used to specify nuget packages feed:

    dotnet new dx.dashboard -nf<API Key>/api

    You can create the dashboard template without a sample dashboard and predefined data source using the -ndd (--no-demo-data) option:

    dotnet new dx.dashboard -nf<API Key>/api -ndd true
  5. Run the project:

    dotnet run

    The project starts listening on the http://localhost:5000 by default. Open it in the browser to see the result.

    The Web Designer application displays a sample dashboard and allows you to change it, create a new dashboard and switch to the Viewer mode.

The another quick way to create an ASP.NET Core 2.0+ Dashboard application is to use the DevExpress Template Gallery.

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