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Create an ASP.NET Core Dashboard Application using the Template Gallery

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The DevExpress BI Dashboard App Template Gallery contains predefined templates for building the Dashboard Designer and Viewer applications for all supported platforms. All available Dashboard templates are listed in the following topic: Template Gallery.

The steps below show how to use DevExpress Template Gallery to quickly create a ready-to-use ASP.NET Core Dashboard application for the .NET Core framework.

Create a New Project

  1. In Visual Studio, create a new project. Select DevExpress v22.2 BI Dashboard App Template Gallery as the project template.


    Click Next.

  2. Configure your new project and click Create. The Template Gallery opens.

Configure the Template

  1. In the invoked Template Gallery, select .NET 6 as the target framework.

  2. Select Dashboard Application in the ASP.NET Core section. Specify the ASP.NET Core version and click Create Project.

    Template Gallery - ASP.NET Core Dashboard Application

  3. Run the application to see the result.

    ASP.NET Core Template - Result

    The Web Designer application displays a sample dashboard and allows you to change it, create a new dashboard, and switch to Viewer mode.

Another quick way to create an ASP.NET Core Dashboard application is to use the .NET Core Command-Line Interface (CLI) Tools.

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