Create an ASP.NET MVC Dashboard Application using the Template Gallery

The DevExpress Template Gallery provides access to predefined templates for building the Dashboard Designer and Viewer applications for all supported platforms.


All available Dashboard templates are listed in the following topic: Template Gallery

The steps below show how to use DevExpress Template Gallery to quickly create a ready-to-use ASP.NET MVC Dashboard application.

  1. In Visual Studio, create a new project and select DevExpress v19.2 Template Gallery on the start page as a project template.


  1. In the invoked Template Gallery, select the ASP.NET platform, go to the ASP.NET MVC section and select Dashboard Web Application.


    Click Run Wizard.

  2. Click Create Project in the invoked DevExpress ASP.NET MVC Project Wizard.


  3. Run the application to see the results.


    The Web Designer application displays a sample dashboard and allows you to change it, create a new dashboard and switch to the Viewer mode.

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