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The Range Filter dashboard item supports various Line, Area and Bar series types.

To switch between series types in the Designer, click the options button next to the required data item in the Values section.


In the invoked Series Type dialog, select the required series type and click OK.


You can also do this using the Series Type gallery in the Design Ribbon tab.


The Range Filter supports the following series types.

Line Stacked Line Full-Stacked Line
RangeFilter_SeriesTypes_Line RangeFilter_SeriesTypes_StackedLine RangeFilter_SeriesTypes_FullStackedLine
Area Stacked Area Full-Stacked Area
RangeFilter_SeriesTypes_Area RangeFilter_SeriesTypes_StackedArea RangeFilter_SeriesTypes_FullStackedArea
Bar Stacked Bar Full-Stacked Bar
RangeFilter_BarSeries RangeFilter_StackedBarSeries RangeFilter_FullStackedBarSeries

To specify the series type in code, use the SimpleSeries.SeriesType property of the SimpleSeries objects in the RangeFilterDashboardItem.Series collection.