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Choropleth Map

The topics in this section describe the features available in the Choropleth Map dashboard item.

The Choropleth Map dashboard item allows you to colorize the required areas in proportion to the provided values.

Watch Video: DevExpress Dashboards: Choropleth Maps (YouTube)


This section consists of the following subsections.

  • Providing Maps

    Describes how to use default dashboard maps or provide custom maps.

  • Providing Data

    Explains how to supply the Choropleth Map dashboard item with data.

  • Map Coloring

    Details how to color map shapes based on the values provided.

  • Map Navigation

    Explains how to manage map zooming and scrolling.

  • Interactivity

    Describes features that enable interaction between the Choropleth Map and other dashboard items.

  • Labels

    Describes how to display additional information related to map shapes.

  • Legend

    Explains the map legend and its options.

  • Printing and Exporting

    Describes the specifics of printing and exporting a Choropleth Map dashboard item.

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