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Create a Dashboard

The DashboardDesigner WinForms control allows you to embed the user interface required for end-users to create dashboards. To learn more, see the Ribbon, Bars and Menu sections.

When you run an application containing the DashboardDesigner control, it already contains an empty dashboard that is accessible via the DashboardDesigner.Dashboard property. If necessary, an end-user can create a new dashboard by clicking the New button in the ribbon Home tab.


After an end-user clicks the New button, the DashboardDesigner raises the DashboardDesigner.DashboardCreating event. You can handle this event to manually initialize a new dashboard and skip the Data Source wizard.

API Members

API Description
DashboardDesigner.Dashboard Gets or sets the currently opened dashboard.
DashboardDesigner.LoadDashboard Loads a dashboard from a file or stream.
DashboardDesigner.DashboardCreating Allows you to customize a dashboard when it is being created.
DashboardDesigner.DashboardOpening Allows you to implement custom logic for dashboard opening.
DashboardDesigner.DashboardClosing Occurs after the current dashboard opened in the DashboardDesigner is being closed.
DashboardDesigner.DashboardSaving Allows you to implement custom logic for dashboard saving.
DashboardDesigner.DashboardSaved Allows you to obtain the path to the dashboard XML definition before and after the save operation.
DashboardDesigner.DashboardLoaded Occurs after the dashboard is loaded to the DashboardDesigner.