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Sparkline Column

A Sparkline column visualizes the summary value changes over time.


Data Binding Specifics

To create GridSparklineColumn, you need to specify two data items:

  • The measure providing sparkline values;
  • The dimension providing a numeric or date-time interval.


Sparkline Options

You can control sparkline appearance settings using options from the Sparkline Options group. The following settings are available:

Sparkline Options Description API
Show start/end values Species whether to display sparkline start/end values within a grid cell. GridSparklineColumn.showStartEndValues
View type Defines the sparkline’s view type. Sparkline data points can be represented as area, line, bars, or win and loss squares. SparklineOptions.viewType
Highlight min/max points Specifies whether to highlight a sparkline’s minimum/maximum points. SparklineOptions.highlightMinMaxPoints
Highlight start/end points Specifies whether to highlight a sparkline’s start/end points. SparklineOptions.highlightStartEndPoints