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Dashboard provides the Drill-Down feature, which allows end-users to change the detail level of data displayed in a dashboard item. Drill-Down enables users to drill down to display detail data, or drill up to view more general information.

Enable Drill-Down

Drill-down requires that the data section contains several dimensions...


... or a hierarchy data item (in OLAP mode).


To be able to change the detail level of data, go to the dashboard item's Interactivity menu and enable the Drill Down option.


The following dashboard items support the Drill-Down feature:

Perform Drill-Down

You can obtain values that can be used to perform drill-down by calling the client-side methods: ASPxClientDashboard.GetAvailableDrillDownValues / ViewerApiExtension.getAvailableDrillDownValues .

To perform drill-down in code, use the ASPxClientDashboard.PerformDrillDown / ViewerApiExtension.performDrillDown methods.

Use the ASPxClientDashboard.PerformDrillUp / ViewerApiExtension.performDrillUp methods to drill up in data.

After drill-down (or drill-up) is performed in the Web Dashboard, the ASPxClientDashboard.ItemDrillDownStateChanged event is raised. Use the DashboardControlClientSideEvents.ItemDrillDownStateChanged / ViewerApiExtensionOptions.onItemDrillDownStateChanged properties to get access to the event on the client side.


The ASPxClientDashboardItemDrillDownStateChangedEventArgs.Action / ItemDrillDownStateChangedEventArgs.action properties allow you to get the drill-down action performed in the dashboard item.

The ASPxClientDashboardItemDrillDownStateChangedEventArgs.Values / ItemDrillDownStateChangedEventArgs.values properties allow you to obtain values from the current drill-down hierarchy.


In OLAP mode, the ASPxClientDashboardItemDrillDownStateChangedEventArgs.Values/ ItemDrillDownStateChangedEventArgs.values properties return unique names instead of values.

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