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Dock Zone

A dock zone is a place where panels can be docked.


Using a dock panel’s DockPanelSettings.ForbiddenZones property, you can specify disallowed zones for the panel - the zones to which the panel cannot be docked. It is also possible to provide different appearances for the allowed and forbidden zone states by using a dock zone’s DockZoneStyles.DockingAllowedStyle and DockZoneStyles.DockingForbiddenStyle properties. These appearances are used to highlight zones and to indicate whether a particular zone is allowed or disallowed for panel docking.

A Panel Placeholder is a zone section where the panel can be docked. Use the DockZoneStyles.PanelPlaceholder property to highlight this section during panel dragging.

The table below lists the main members that affect element appearance:

Characteristics Members
Orientation DockZoneSettings.Orientation
Appearance DockZoneStyles.Disabled, DockZoneStyles.DockingAllowedStyle, DockZoneStyles.DockingForbiddenStyle, DockZoneStyles.PanelPlaceholder (the DockZoneStyles object can be accessed via the DockZoneSettings.Styles property)
Panel Spacing DockZoneSettings.PanelSpacing