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Filter Field

Filter fields represent data source fields that are located in a pivot grid’s Filter Header Area. Filter fields allow end-users to apply filtering to the entire Pivot Grid to display data for predefined values. End-users can specify the filter criteria using the Filter Window, which is invoked by clicking the Filter Button.




The table below lists the main properties that affect field functionality.



Field Name

PivotGridField.FieldName (via MVCxPivotGridField.FieldName)

Bound Type

PivotGridFieldBase.UnboundType (via MVCxPivotGridField.UnboundType)


PivotGridFieldBase.Area (via MVCxPivotGridField.Area)

PivotGridFieldBase.AreaIndex (via MVCxPivotGridField.AreaIndex)

For filter fields, the PivotGridFieldBase.Area property is set to PivotArea.FilterArea.


PivotGridFieldBase.Visible (via MVCxPivotGridField.Visible)

Filter Criteria

PivotGridFieldBase.FilterValues (via MVCxPivotGridField.FilterValues)

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