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Field Value

Field values of column fields are displayed along the Pivot Grid‘s top and represent column headers. The values of row fields are displayed along the control’s left and represent row headers.




Each cell in the Data Area displays a summary calculated for a subset of records in the control’s underlying data source. All records from this subset have matching values in a column field(s) and row field(s). These values are identified by column and row headers.


The table below lists the main properties that affect element appearance.




PivotGridStyles.FieldValueStyle (via PivotGridSettings.Styles.FieldValueStyle)

PivotGridField.ValueStyle (via MVCxPivotGridField.ValueStyle)


The PivotGridFieldBase.ValueFormat property (accessed via MVCxPivotGridField.ValueFormat) provides settings used to format field values.

The PivotGridSettings.FieldValueDisplayText event enables the display text of individual field values to be customized.

Grouping Mode

PivotGridFieldBase.GroupInterval (via MVCxPivotGridField.GroupInterval)


PivotGridOptionsCustomization.AllowExpand (via PivotGridSettings.OptionsCustomization.AllowExpand)

PivotGridFieldOptions.AllowExpand (via MVCxPivotGridField.Options.AllowExpand)