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Column Field

Column fields represent data source fields that are located in a pivot grid’s Column Header Area. Pivot Grid with more than one column field will have an inner column field (‘Order Quarter’ in the image below). Any other column fields are outer column fields. Values of the outermost column field (‘Order Year’ in the image below) are displayed only once, while values in the rest of the column fields can be repeated.

Fields consist of the following elements:

  • a field header that displays the field caption and enables end-users to sort and filter field values, change the field’s location via drag-and-drop, etc;
  • field values.




The table below lists the main properties that affect the field functionality.



Field Name

PivotGridField.FieldName (via MVCxPivotGridField.FieldName)

Bound Type

PivotGridFieldBase.UnboundType (via MVCxPivotGridField.UnboundType)


PivotGridFieldBase.Area (via MVCxPivotGridField.Area)

PivotGridFieldBase.AreaIndex (via MVCxPivotGridField.AreaIndex)

For column fields, the PivotGridFieldBase.Area property is set to PivotArea.ColumnArea.


PivotGridFieldBase.Visible (via MVCxPivotGridField.Visible)

Grouping Field Values

PivotGridFieldBase.GroupInterval (via MVCxPivotGridField.GroupInterval)

Sort Order

PivotGridFieldBase.SortOrder (via MVCxPivotGridField.SortOrder)

PivotGridFieldBase.SortBySummaryInfo (via MVCxPivotGridField.SortBySummaryInfo)

Filter Criteria

PivotGridFieldBase.FilterValues (via MVCxPivotGridField.FilterValues)


PivotGridFieldBase.TotalsVisibility (via MVCxPivotGridField.TotalsVisibility)

PivotGridField.CustomTotals (via MVCxPivotGridField.CustomTotals)