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Client-Side Functionality

In addition to a comprehensive server-side object model, the MVC PivotGrid extension offers a client-side API.

The PivotGrid‘s client counterpart is represented by the MVCxClientPivotGrid object. An extension’s client object can be accessed on the client through the extension name by using the PivotGridSettings.Name property. The PivotGrid’s client events can be accessed by using the PivotGridSettings.ClientSideEvents property.

To learn more about the use of a client-side API, see Client-Side API.


The code sample below demonstrates how to obtain the index of a row that corresponds to the clicked data cell. In this example, the PivotGrid’s client ASPxClientPivotGrid.CellClick event is handled. The event sender is an MVCxClientPivotGrid object. When the event is raised, the alert box containing the index of the row that owns the clicked cell is displayed.

@Html.DevExpress().PivotGrid( settings => {
    settings.Name = "PivotGrid";
    // ...

    settings.ClientSideEvents.CellClick = "function(sender, e) { window.alert('Row index: '+ e.RowIndex) }";