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ResponsiveBoxBuilder.Rows(Action<CollectionFactory<ResponsiveBoxRowBuilder>>) Method

Provides access to the client-side rows option that represents a ResponsiveBox row collection.

Namespace: DevExtreme.AspNet.Mvc.Builders

Assembly: DevExtreme.AspNet.Core.dll


public ResponsiveBoxBuilder Rows(
    Action<CollectionFactory<ResponsiveBoxRowBuilder>> configurator


Name Type Description
configurator Action<CollectionFactory<ResponsiveBoxRowBuilder>>

A function that allows you to add items to the collection.


Type Description

A reference to this instance after the method is called.


To configure a ResponsiveBox row collection, use a multiline lambda expression. In this case, a lambda parameter performs the role of a collection factory, and its Add() method adds a new item to the collection. The Add() method returns ResponsiveBoxRowBuilder whose methods you can use to configure an item.

    .Rows(rows => {
        rows.Add(); // call methods to configure a ResponsiveBox row

Refer to Nested Options and Collections for more information.

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