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MailMergeSettingsBuilder.ViewMergedData(Boolean) Method

Sets whether to display field results or field codes in a mail-merge document.

Namespace: DevExpress.AspNetCore.RichEdit

Assembly: DevExpress.AspNetCore.RichEdit.v22.1.dll


public MailMergeSettingsBuilder ViewMergedData(
    bool value


Name Type Description
value Boolean

true, to display field results; false, to display field codes.


Type Description

An object that can be used to further configure the MailMerge settings.


The ViewMergedData method affects a mail-merge field’s view when the field is updated. Call the updateAllFields method to apply the specified view all fields.

Run Demo: Rich Text Editor - Mail Merge

    .MailMerge(m => m
    .Ribbon(r => r.ActiveTabIndex(5))
    .ConfirmOnLosingChanges(c => c.Enabled(false))
    .OnDocumentLoaded("function(s, e) { s.document.fields.updateAllFields(); }")
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