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DevExpress.AspNetCore Namespace

Contains classes that implement common functionality for the ASP.NET Core controls.

Assemblies: DevExpress.AspNetCore.Common.v24.1.dll, DevExpress.AspNetCore.RichEdit.v24.1.dll, DevExpress.AspNetCore.Spreadsheet.v24.1.dll

NuGet Packages: DevExpress.AspNetCore.Common, DevExpress.AspNetCore.RichEdit, DevExpress.AspNetCore.Spreadsheet


Name Description
ApplicationBuilderExtensions static Contain a method that registers the DevExpress middleware in an application.
ApplicationOptions Contains application options.
ApplicationOptionsSpreadsheetExtensions static Contains application options related to spreadsheet extension.
BuilderFactory Provides access to ASP.NET Core controls.
BuilderFactory<TModel> Provides access to ASP.NET Core controls from a View.
BuilderFactoryRichEditExtensions static Exposes extension methods defined for the BuilderFactoryRichEditExtensions class.
BuilderFactorySpreadsheetExtensions static Exposes extension methods defined for the BuilderFactorySpreadsheetExtensions class.
HtmlHelperExtensions static Contains HtmlHelper extensions.
OfficeWorkSessionProcessing Process work sessions in an application in stateless mode.
ScriptSettings Contains settings related to scripts.
SpreadsheetOptions Contains Spreadsheet options.
SpreadsheetOptionsExtensions static Extends the SpreadsheetOptions class.
StyleSheetSettings Contains settings related to style sheets.


Name Description
ResourcesType Lists resources that can be automatically added.