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DevExpress.Web.Office Namespace

Contains classes that implement the document management functionality common for the ASP.NET Core Spreadsheet control.

Assemblies: DevExpress.AspNetCore.Core.v22.1.dll, DevExpress.AspNetCore.Spreadsheet.v22.1.dll


Name Description
DocumentSavingEventArgs Provides data for document saving events.
HibernationOptions Contains the Spreadsheet hibernation options.
OfficeStateProviderBase Defines the required members of a session-state store provider.
SpreadsheetDocumentInfo Contains settings of a Spreadsheet document opened on the server and provides the means to operate the document (close or save a copy).


Name Description
IDocumentInfo Declares members to store information about an open spreadsheet and to operate it on the server (to close or save a copy).
IOfficeStateStorageRemote Declares members to store session-states in a remote storage.


Name Description
DocumentAutoSavingEventHandler A method that handles the AutoSaving event.


Name Description
AutoSaveMode Lists values specifying the auto-save mode.
MultiUserConflict Lists values specifying possible reasons for multi-user conflicts.
MultiUserConflictResolve Lists values specifying how to resolve an open document’s multi-user conflict.