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DevExpress.AspNetCore.RichEdit Namespace

Contains classes that implement the Rich Text Editor functionality.

Assembly: DevExpress.AspNetCore.RichEdit.v23.2.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.AspNetCore.RichEdit


Name Description
ArrayDataSourceBuilder A builder for an array data source.
AuthenticationSettingsBuilder A builder for credential settings used to identify editable ranges in a protected document.
AutoCorrectSettingsBuilder A builder for AutoCorrect settings
BookmarksSettingsBuilder A builder for bookmark settings.
ContextMenuBuilder A builder for context menu settings.
DataSourceFactory Contains methods to create data sources.
FieldsSettingsBuilder A builder for field settings.
FontMappingsSettingsBuilder A builder for font mapping settings.
FontsSettingsBuilder A builder for font settings.
MailMergeSettingsBuilder A builder for MailMerge settings.
PdfSettingsBuilder A builder for PDF export settings.
PrintingSettingsBuilder A builder for printing settings.
PrintLayoutViewSettingsBuilder A builder for the Print Layout view mode’s settings.
RangePermissionsSettingsBuilder A builder for range permission settings.
ReplaceInfoBuilder A builder for the replace information object.
ReplaceInfoCollectionBuilder A builder for a replacement collection.
ReplaceInfoCollectionSettingsBuilder A builder for replacement information settings.
RichEditBuilder A builder for the Rich Text Editor.
RichEditRibbonContextTabCategoriesBuilder A builder for a ribbon context tab category collection in Rich Text Editor.
RichEditRibbonContextTabCategoryInfoBuilder A builder that configures a context tab category.
RichEditRibbonItemCollectionBuilder A builder for the Rich Text Editor ribbon item collection.
RichEditRibbonSettingsBuilder A builder for a Rich Text Editor’s ribbon settings.
RichEditRibbonTabCollectionBuilder A builder for the Rich Text Edit ribbon tab collection.
RichEditRibbonTabInfoBuilder A builder that configures a ribbon tab.
SearchSettingsBuilder A builder for search settings.
SettingsOwnerBuilder The base class for settings owner builders.
SimpleViewPaddingsBuilder A builder that allows you to specify settings of paddings in the Simple view mode.
SimpleViewSettingsBuilder A builder for the Simple view mode’s settings.
SpellCheckBuilder A builder for spell check settings.
StaticJsonDataSourceBuilder A builder for a static JSON data source.
StoreDataSourceBuilder The base class for data source builders.
ViewsSettingsBuilder A builder for Rich Text Editor’s view settings.


Name Description
JS Contains data to bind to the RichEdit control.


Name Description
DocumentFormat Lists file document formats.
PrintMode Lists RichEdit print modes.
Unit Lists values that specify unit for dimensions in Rich Text Editor dialogs.
ViewType Lists values that specify the Rich Edit’s document view type.
Visibility Lists values that specify the visibility of bookmarks.