Total Summary

The total summary represents the value of an aggregate function calculated from all data rows in the ASPxGridView. Total summaries are displayed in footer cells, provided that the ASPxGridViewSettings.ShowFooter option is enabled.


ASPxSummaryItem objects represent total summaries. The Bootstrap Grid View stores its total summaries within the ASPxGridView.TotalSummary collection. You can use the BootstrapGridView Designer as shown above to manage this collection at design time.

The ASPxSummaryItem.ShowInColumn property allows you to specify which column should display a summary value in the footer cell. The summary is displayed in a column specified via the ASPxSummaryItemBase.FieldName property if the ShowInColumn property is not specified.

Use the ASPxGridView.GetTotalSummaryValue and ASPxSummaryItem.GetTotalFooterDisplayText methods to obtain a total summary value and its text representation, respectively.

Example: Creating Total Summaries in Code

The following example shows how to calculate the average budget and display it in the Bootstrap Grid View’s footer:

ASPxSummaryItem totalSummary = new ASPxSummaryItem();
totalSummary.FieldName = "Budget";
totalSummary.ShowInColumn = "Budget";
totalSummary.SummaryType = SummaryItemType.Average;