Cell Merging

The Bootstrap Grid View can automatically merge adjacent cells with the same values. By default, cell merging is disabled. Set the ASPxGridViewBehaviorSettings.AllowCellMerge property to true to allow the grid to merge cells; or control cell merging availability for a particular column by using the GridViewDataColumnSettings.AllowCellMerge property.


Custom Cell Merging

When cell merging is allowed, you can handle the ASPxGridView.CustomCellMerge event to implement cell merging manually. The event fires for every adjacent pair of cells in a column. If the cells are merged, the resulting cell value is equal to the first cell value.

Cell Merging Limitations

The cell merging feature is not supported in adaptive modes.

When cell merging is enabled, the following limitations are applied to the Grid View control’s features.

  • Row focusing is not supported.
  • Cell merging functionality doesn’t work in batch edit mode.
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