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The Bootstrap Pager is a standalone control that enables you to implement custom paging algorithms by handling the ASPxPagerBase.PageIndexChanging and ASPxPagerBase.PageIndexChanged events.

The image below shows the Pager control.


The number of pages is returned by the ASPxPagerBase.PageCount property. The active (selected) page is identified by its index using the ASPxPagerBase.PageIndex property. This property can also be used to select the desired page in code.

The number of items that every page displays is specified by the ASPxPagerBase.ItemsPerPage property. The maximum number of page numbers displayed within a pager is specified by the ASPxPagerBase.NumericButtonCount property.

The Pager is embedded into such controls as Grid View to provide page-mode navigation (see the image below).



This control doesn’t implement any public client-side API.

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