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Member Table: Totals and Grand Totals

Method Description
PivotGridOptionsViewBase.ColumnTotalsLocation Specifies the location of column totals and grand totals.
PivotGridOptionsViewBase.RowTotalsLocation Specifies the location of row totals and grand totals.
PivotGridOptionsViewBase.ShowColumnTotals Specifies whether column automatic totals are displayed.
PivotGridOptionsViewBase.ShowRowTotals Specifies whether row automatic totals are displayed.
PivotGridOptionsViewBase.ShowColumnGrandTotals Specifies whether column grand totals are displayed.
PivotGridOptionsViewBase.ShowRowGrandTotals Specifies whether row grand totals are displayed.
PivotGridOptionsViewBase.ShowTotalsForSingleValues Specifies whether automatic totals are displayed for the field values which contain a single nesting field value (or do not contain nesting field values).
PivotGridOptionsViewBase.ShowGrandTotalsForSingleValues Specifies whether grand totals are displayed when the control lists a single value of an outer column field or row field along its left or top edge.
PivotGridFieldBase.SummaryType Specifies the type of summary function which is calculated against a data field. This also determines the type of summary function used to calculate automatic totals and grand totals.
PivotGridFieldBase.TotalsVisibility Specifies whether totals are displayed for a specific column or row field and if so, whether they are Automatic or Custom.
PivotGridField.CustomTotals Provides access to the collection of custom totals for a specific column or row field.