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Member Table: Format Cells and Values

Member Description
PivotGridFieldBase.CellFormat Provides settings used to format cell values within the Data Area and by default, summary total values and summary grand total values. You can use the predefined format strings or implement custom formatting logic.
PivotGridFieldBase.GrandTotalCellFormat Provides settings used to format summary grand total values.
PivotGridFieldBase.TotalCellFormat Provides settings used to format summary total values and by default, summary grand total values.
PivotGridFieldBase.ValueFormat Provides settings used to format field values.
ASPxPivotGrid.CustomCellDisplayText Provides the ability to customize the display text within data cells (the cells which are displayed within the Data Area). The display text supplied via this event will be used when exporting the pivot grid.
ASPxPivotGrid.FieldValueDisplayText Enables the display text of individual column and row headers and filter dropdown items to be customized.