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How to: Perform Custom Callbacks

This example demonstrates how to change the ASPxGaugeControl’s value using an ASPxSpinEdit.

Handle the spin editor’s ValueChanged event to call the gauge’s client-side ASPxClientGaugeControl.PerformCallback method. Pass the spin editor’s value as a parameter. As a result, the ASPxGaugeControl.CustomCallback event is raised, and the spin editor’s new value, specified by the e.Parameter property, is assigned to the ASPxGaugeControl.Value property. After a custom callback has been performed, the ASPxGaugeControl is automatically re-rendered.

The animation below shows the result:


<dxe:ASPxSpinEdit runat="server" Number="0" Width="157px" Height="21px" ID="ASPxSpinEdit1">
    <ClientSideEvents ValueChanged="function(s, e) {
protected void ASPxGaugeControl2_CustomCallback(object source,
                  DevExpress.Web.CallbackEventArgsBase e) {
    ASPxGaugeControl2.Value = e.Parameter;