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How to: Use a Faster Loading Appointment Editing Form

You may have noticed that an appointment editing form is rendered for display a bit slower than you may have expected. The time is shorter if you’re using the FireFox browser. This is due to the amount of JavaScript, which is loaded and executed prior to the form being displayed.

To reduce this response time, you can use a fast loading modification of the appointment editing form - the AppointmentFormEx web template. It renders the Recurrence form separately from the main Appointment editing form and even then only when it is needed, resulting in a 30% performance gain.

This form is included into the ASPxScheduler Suite and can be located in the DevExpress/ASPxSchedulerForms folder of the website. To copy templates to your project site, use the ASPxScheduler control’s Smart Tag as shown in the Dialog Forms article. To use the AppointmentFormEx form, set the ASPxSchedulerOptionsForms.AppointmentFormTemplateUrl property as follows.

ASPxScheduler1.OptionsForms.AppointmentFormTemplateUrl = 


You can also create your own form using only standard Windows controls. This will reduce load times.