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Edit Data

The Gantt control allows you to edit data in the Task List region and in the chart. You can add and modify tasks and their dependencies, and assign or reassign resources responsible for specific tasks.

Run Demo: ASPxGantt - Data Binding and Editing

The GanttEditingSettings object allows you to access the following edit settings:

  • Enabled - Specifies whether users can edit data.

    <dx:ASPxGantt ID="Gantt" runat="server" ... >
        <SettingsEditing Enabled="False" />
  • The Allow[Element]Insert, Allow[Element]Update, and Allow[Element]Delete properties specify whether users can insert, update, and delete Gantt elements.

    <dx:ASPxGantt ID="Gantt" runat="server" ... >
            AllowResourceAssignmentInsert="False" ... />
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