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How to: Set the Scheduler's Size

The following topic demonstrates how the height and width of the ASPxScheduler control can be changed, and fixed to an arbitrary value.

There are several ways to make the scheduler’s appearance more compact, and provide higher informational density while preserving good readability. Consider the following:

  1. Width. The width of the control can be set to a percentage of standard or to the exact value in pixels using the Width property.
  2. Height. You can specify the ScrollAreaHeight property value in pixels. It represents the height of the scroll container, which encloses the scheduler. This property is in effect only for the following scheduler Views:

    The height of other views could be regulated specifying the Height property of the DateCellBody element, accessible via the properties of the corresponding Style objects: WeekView.Styles, MonthView.Styles, TimelineView.Styles. It affects the height of the time cell, resulting in changing the height of the scheduler’s working area.

  3. DayView.ShowWorkTimeOnly. When set to true, the scheduler displays only the interval, specified via the DayView.WorkTime in DayView and WorkWeekView views.
  4. WorkWeekView.ShowFullWeek. This property, when set to false (default), restricts the display of the WorkWeekView to working days only.