Tag Box

The Bootstrap Tag Box control provides an interface for selecting multiple unique values (tags) from a predefined list with an autocomplete functionality. End-users can select tags from a drop-down list, or type them manually. Additionally, end-users can provide custom tags. Note that editor tags must be unique.

To remove a tag, an end-user can use either the Remove button or the BACKSPACE key.

The Bootstrap Tag Box provides the following features.

  • Data-Bound and Unbound Mode Support

    Editor items can be generated dynamically by binding the editor to a data source, as well by populating the control's item collection manually.

  • Incremental Filtering

    You can enable your end-users to filter list items dynamically, based on the text typed into the editor's input area on the client side ("find-as-you-type" filtering).

  • CustomTags

    You can restrict the tags available to an item collection, or allow an end-user to provide custom tags.

  • Support for Embedding Tags into the Bootstrap Grid View (See online demo)

    You can use the Tag Box for editing column values in the Bootstrap Grid View control.

  • Full-Featured Client-Side API

The Bootstrap Tag Box provides a comprehensive client-side API. This API is implemented using JavaScript and is exposed via the client BootstrapTagBox object. The BootstrapTagBox object serves as the client-side equivalent of the Bootstrap Tag Box control.

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