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ReportDesignerPreviewClientSideEventsBuilder Class

Enables you to specify handlers for the client-side events of the Web Report Designer‘s Preview.

Namespace: DevExpress.AspNetCore.Reporting.ReportDesigner

Assembly: DevExpress.AspNetCore.Reporting.v23.1.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.AspNetCore.Reporting


public class ReportDesignerPreviewClientSideEventsBuilder


The ReportDesignerPreviewClientSideEventsBuilder class exposes methods whose names resemble client-side events of the Web Document Viewer that is built into the Web Report Designer. You can pass handlers for the events via the methods’ parameter. To access a ReportDesignerPreviewClientSideEventsBuilder object, use the Preview(Action<ReportDesignerPreviewClientSideEventsBuilder>) method of the ReportDesignerClientSideEventsBuilder object. The latter is available via the ReportDesignerClientSideEventsBuilder‘s Preview(Action<ReportDesignerPreviewClientSideEventsBuilder>) method.

The code below demonstrates how to handle the CustomizeElements client-side event of the Web Report Designer’s Document Viewer.

    var designer = Html.DevExpress().ReportDesigner("reportDesigner1").Height("1000px")
        .DataSources(configureDS => { foreach (var ds in Model.DataSources) { configureDS.Add(ds.Key, ds.Value); } })
        .ClientSideEvents(configure => { configure.Preview(configure => { configure.CustomizeElements("previewCustomizeElements"); }); } );


The name of the callback in apps based on JavaScript frameworks is the name of the correspoding client-side event with the Preview prefix. For example, in an Amgular application you should define the PreviewOnExport callback to handle the OnExport client-sude event.


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