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DevExpress Reporting Integration in Visual Studio

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DevExpress Reporting integrates the Report Wizard and Report Designer into Visual Studio. This allows you to create reports in Visual Studio at design time.

Report Wizard

The Add New Item… command in Visual Studio allows you to use the installed Report item template to add a report to your project.

Click Add to run Report Wizard. Navigate wizard pages to select the report type, create a data source and design a report layout. The generated report is displayed in the Report Designer.

Report Designer

The Report Designer allows you to design and preview a report in Visual Studio at design time.

Use the Report Designer’s tools to design a report:

  • fill a report with controls and data on the Report Designer’s design surface;

  • use the VS Properties Panel to set up the reporting controls;

  • access the report’s data source schema in the Field List;

  • access the report’s elements in the Report Explorer;

  • store frequently used report controls, styles, data sources and report layouts in the Report Gallery;

  • use the Group and Sort panel to manage the report’s group and sort settings;

  • switch to the Preview tab to display the document.

The Report Designer opens automatically when you create a report with the Report Wizard(#report-wizard).

Reporting Controls

The installer automatically registers DevExpress Report Controls in Visual Studio Toolbox. The controls are located in the DX.23.1: Report Controls section, the names have the “XR” prefix.

XtraReports Menu in Visual Studio

When the Report Designer is open, the Visual Studio menu bar includes the XtraReports menu item.

Use this menu item to manage the visibility of the Report Designer’s panels and to set the Report Designer’s options.

Get Started

Refer to the Get Started with DevExpress Reporting topic.